• Package Duration : 10 days
  • Session Duration : 40-60 minutes
  • Who is Covered : Baby & Mother
  • Services Offered : Bathing services for the mother either a hot water bath or a sponge bath as the client requires. Baby bathing, dressing & swaddling. (Massage for the baby is not done till the umbilical cord falls off)
  • Objective of the Package :  the package helps the new mom & baby to  take care of their hygiene immediately post delivery. 
  • Complimentary Offerings : No materials are offered.
  • Note : 2 buckets of hot water for the mother, a plaster for the stiches in case of C-Section & a towel for wrapping the stiches etc, should be provided. Soap and shampoo for bathing, cotton wraps or muslin cloth for swaddling  the baby should be provided by the client.

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