• Package Duration : 15 days
  • Session Duration : 60-75 minutes
  • Who is Covered : Only mother
  • Services Offered : Massage for the mother for a duration of 30-40 minutes done with warm/ hot Ayurveda oil. Bathing services for the mother with a kashaya infused water. Herbal Face pack & massage. 3 head massages with the desired oil of the client & hair wash is provided during the tenure.
  • Objective of the Package : care for the new mother is utmost priority as her body would have gone through several changes. This package can be availed by new mothers who do not want any services for the baby or for people who have gone through an abortion or worst case condition the death of a baby. Be it any criteria the changes would have happened & they should be treated the same way as every new mother.
  • Complimentary Offerings : : No materials are offered.
  • Note : 2 buckets of hot water for the mother, a plaster for the stiches in case of C-Section & a towel for wrapping the stiches etc., should be provided. Rubber sheet should be provided for the massage if they have or it can be availed on the aaraike store.

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